Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The making of ceramics.

Many people don't realize just how many steps are involved with pottery and ceramics. I've always wondered just how many steps there are in making a pot, so here goes.
1- Purchase clay
2- Wedge clay for throwing
3- Throw pot on the wheel
4- Remove pot from wheel and allow to air dry
5- Trim foot of pot
6- Add handles or other
7- Allow pot to dry completely
8- Clean up rough edging marks or bumps
9- Load kiln for bisque firing
10- Bisque fire kiln
11- Unload kiln and rinse pots
12- Put wax resist on pots
13- Prepare glazes and glaze pots by dipping or brushing 3 coats
14- Load kiln again for glaze firing
15- Fire kiln
16- Patiently wait to unload kiln

Okay, there are approximately 16 steps in the basic creation of a pot. I did not include the methods of recycling clay, cleaning the wheel and equipment, the making of glazes, or the cleaning of the kiln and shelves. Then there are the additional steps of selling your wares either in shows or online, taking photos, writing listings, figuring out expenses and shipping costs etc. I suppose that with anything we do in life there are many steps involved. One of the many aspects of ceramics that I truly appreciate is how it encompasses earth, water, air, fire and metals. If I am not mistaken it is the only craft that encompasses all of those elements

sweet little pieces, wat to do with them???

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Hey Mieke

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And of course the chooks are a given. Very smiley.

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