Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A letter a week, a project started by Fiona Demster and friends, a challenge to write or make in any other way a letter a week,  creating 52 letters, which must form 2 alphabets, by the end of 2010. They have few rules - any medium, any style - but the letters must be written on a 7cm x 7cm square.

So Fiona has kindly allowed me to join them.
Of course I will be using clay and decided to use a different clay every month. also I will  try to use a different technique as well.Clay will take longer to finish therefore I will cheat a little and make my letters for the month in 1 go so they have time to dry, fire, glaze and fire again.
For January I have used stoneware clay, printed pattern and glaze them after they have been bisque fired.


Noela Mills said...

Very lovely, Mieke. Great to see another medium for this project. Noela xoxox

Barry said...

M That is really cool stuff. Go girl. B