Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bower bird.

On my walk today I discovered a bower from a bower bird,The male Satin Bower bird is perhaps the best known and well documented of all the bower birds in Australia. This fame partially stems from its practice of building and decorating a bower to attract females. This consists of two parallel walls of sticks, is built on the ground, and is used as a courtship arena during the breeding season. The male decorates it with bright blue coloured objects that it collects; blue clothes pegs, drinking straws and bottle tops are among the favourite stolen items, while bright blue parrot feathers, flowers and brown snail shells, make up the majority of decorations away from human habitation. A mixture of chewed vegetable matter and saliva is used to paint the walls of the bower. The bower owner meticulously maintains it throughout the year.
I will go back tomorrow and try to photograph the bird in its bower.


layers said...

hello... I did a post about bower birds in the past- on a post I wrote about collections-- obsessive collecting-- because the bower bird does the same thing.

Barry said...

My Just loved the photo - now you know where the inspiration for my rusted bower casme from - - B

Suzi Smith said...

aha... now i see where barry's bower came from!