Friday, August 20, 2010


The finished "sea urchins.                             Hanging mosquito coil holders.

 Fun garden stakes and more mosquito coil holders.

If the weather is nice next week I will do some more Raku firings,
I started on the pieces some time ago I try to do a mixture of raku firings, naked raku, reduction raku and hopefully some horsehair raku as well.

The word Raku means "joy" or "happiness".

Firing Methods and Results

The process of Raku firing differs from other firing methods because the pots are removed from the kiln at their maximum temperature.
Thermal shock of this rapid cooling is stressful on the pottery. It is achieved by using an open clay body. The porosity of the clay body acts like a shock absorber, preventing the body from immediately fracturing when the pot is removed from the kiln.
Raku glazes are often fractured, which are referred to as Crazing. These crackle glazes are enhanced by the post firing smoking of Raku pots that embeds carbon into the crackles of the glaze.


layers said...

I always wondered what 'raku' meant- love the 'joy' connection.. and the sea urchins are wonderful

Grand Purl Baa said...

Love your sea urchins. Clever. Beautiful.