Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have been making a few teapots.
 Making  tea pots that will pour perfectly is not an easy task.
I did a teapot workshop with Kevin Grealy years ago and he stated his criteria for a functional teapot, which are: *That it makes tea successfully
*That it pours tea successfully
*That it retains the leaves successfully
*That it pleases the eye in use and when not in use.

I am not fully sure if I qualify in every task.

Not that all the teapots I made are for domestic use, I do like to make decorative teapots maybe more, and as Kevin states, none of the previous concerns are of importance for these except for exaggeration, satire, humour etc.
I always take on the challenge of making some usual ones as well.

The teapot on the right is a functional one.
Three decorative little t pots.
Definitely decorative.
And two decorative teapots that have been RAKU fired.


Barry said...

M _ Very productive - love the multicoloured Raku fired pot - special colours. B

Velma said...

i absolutely love those last three...what fun!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hey Mieke
Be sure to show these at WFTC too. They are fabulous and we LERVE all things tea there.

Definitely NO tea cosies for these little beauties.

layers said...

one of the most creative shows I saw at a museum was a teapot show-- and yours would fit into this show.