Monday, December 27, 2010


In pottery, brushes have many uses. They are used to apply slurry or slip to joints during construction. Brushes are used to apply decorative effects such as slips, underglazes, glazes, and overglazes.

I do like brushes a lot, whenever I see brushes I have to stop and look, feel, buy or take photos.

So here are a few I collected over the years.

 These I saw in the national gallery of N.S.W.

Then there are these I saw Jackson Li making in Gulgong.

Jackson Li, a very talented potter and brush maker who uses natural hair from many different animals or whatever he can gets his hands on, with lovely bamboo handles.

 This one I couldn't resist and bought it, I haven't used it yet, just waiting for the wright pot to come along!

 Johanna De Maine has been to Jingdezhen City in China for three weeks to attend a summer school and network with other artists. Jingdezhen City is a sister city of the Sunshine Coast and has an 1800 year reputation as the porcelain capital of China. After her visit she had a informative talk at Buderim craft cottage which I attended and admired the brushes she brought back.

And then.... there is my collection of well used brushes.

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Barry said...

M- wow pretty amazing experience - each brush a work of art - no wonder you could not resist. B