Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WERE IS THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and lots of rain.
The dam is full.

Water everywhere.

Brings out  fungi.

And big spiders to.


layers said...

I have to ask the same question-- where is the sun? I live in the Pacific NW and we have lots of cloudy days and rainy days during the winter months... LOTS of water too.

jfc.vanloon said...

De zon? Hoe ziet die er uit? Wij hebben hem al lang niet meer gezien en nu licht hier overal sneeuw bij -10 graden. En het is nog géén winter.

Barry said...

M - whilst I miss the sun the wet sure is offering us some other aspects of nature - fungi is good - can do without the fat spiders. Some great wet weather photos. B