Friday, February 11, 2011

Collagraph printing workshop.

This week I did a collagraph printing workshop at the Caloundra regional gallery.

First making the plates from mat-board and gluing different textures on in a way of your choosing.

After a couple of coats of shellac the plates are ready for inking and printing.

This is so much fun to do and I was quite happy with the results.
Not the best of prints yet, but certainly something I would like to do more of.


Barry said...

M- really impressive work. Just love some of the texture and colours you have achieved. Another line of art developing here? Be good to see these 'in the flesh' at some time. Well done. B

Jo Murray said...

You did have fun Mieke. I can see this process turning up in 'A Letter A Week' in future.

Also looked at your slideshow and your pots are woderful.

SKIZO said...

good creations