Thursday, March 3, 2011


I work with many different clay-types so in the end get all these different colours and textures which I still can use.

 The slips and slops and pieces that have been cut of while trowing on the wheel.

Little strips and cut-offs after turning and finishing pieces.


After slaking and drying the clay a little bit I end up with these colourful pieces of different clays.

Then some elbow grease and lots of kneading to mix the different clays

 I will end up with some new balls of clay ready to be made in some more wheel-or hand build creations.


Barry said...

M-that is one thing I love about unfired clay - the ability to take all the scraps and combine them. Working with metal I have many scraps also - one of my next projects - in the future is to make a home made smelter to take all those bits of copper and brass and combine them. Create well. B

Jo Murray said...

It's amazing how much clay can be saved! I look forward to your newest creations.

layers said...

I love anything recycled-- and see that you recycle your bits and slips of clay- old back to new.