Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last bits finishing.

I am trying to get some pieces finished before I go on a HOLIDAY.... whoopy!
4 weeks  Holland were I will be caching up with  9 brothers and sisters of mine and 7 brothers and sisters of Hans (hubby)
and then 10 days Marrakesh!

This week on Thursday starts the exhibition at Immanuel college.

Next week we have the COMA exhibition "between the lines"
So lots to be done.
Wen I come back in July the Nambour garden show will be nearly there, which is always a good selling point for me, and I need my things ready before I go.
          Not the best background, they look great at night wen the candle is burning in the dark.


Barry said...

M- Pretty happy looking chickens. By the way happy birthday for the 13th. Go well. B

Jo Murray said...

You are soooooo busy Mieke... and what great results!! I wish you the best success at your various ventures and THEN... HAVE A WONDERFUL's been a while.

Kim Schoenberger said...

Hi Mieke, that's a busy schedule, sounds like you have alot on! Look forward in seeing your entry for COMA. Happy holiday...