Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morrocan influence

I bought this little pot in Morocco, not for the purpose of using it as a sample for my bowls, but after making the terracotta bowls it just called out to me  to use it as an example  to decorate the bowls,  so here is the result.

I also made a bigger bowl with a different design which worked quite good i think.

I lined the bowl with a white slip and scratched the lines in this to reveal the terracotta underneath, the a clear glaze over the top with some copper oxide in it. I left the outside and rim unglazed to give a nice contrast.


Barry said...

M- beautiful - it is amazing where the influences come from. Good to see you today - sorry that we did not have much time to talk. Go well. B

Jo Murray said...

Lovely majolica Mieke. You should have no trouble selling them.