Saturday, October 8, 2011


The second glaze firing finished.

A bowl 30 cm. diameter

some close-ups

these could work for a painting I suppose.

 18 cm. diameter

 26 cm. diameter

I had fun doing these, away from the boring thing I think.
Just have to do different things keeps it interesting, for me anyway.

26 cm. diameter

I love trying different ideas and wen they work out good its a great feeling and I want to keep going.

 26 cm. diameter

32 cm. diameter


Noela Mills said...

Hi Mieke - love these new designs - they are a bit like the wabi sabi patchwork Japanese fabrics I love so much - you have so many versitile ideas - go girl!! xoxo

Barry said...

M- love the vibrant colours; but in particular like the last four. A lot of production going on in your workshop. B

Jo Murray said...

These are great Mieke!!! I love the way you've dribbled the glazes, and the freehand designs of the other bowls.

Velma said...

i love these, especially the last two!

Gudrun said...

Beautiful works. :)