Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am invited to be part of this exiting project.
Ceramic artist from various parts of china and our local region are creating individual ceramic  tiles, the size of dominoes, to be part of a major body of collaborative work to be exhibited in various Sunshine Coast venues in 2012.

DOMINO TILE SIZE- 8cm x4cm x1cm

So I decided to do some colourful ones, the glazes I use a lot for various pieces, and a set with horsehair and feather raku, pieces that I do quite a lot of as well.

I delivered them 2 days ago, it will be interesting to see all the  tiles together.

The colourful ones, a matt glaze selection.

 Horsehair and feather Raku.

the squiggled horsehair patterns.


Noela Mills said...

Lovely tiles Mieke, thanks for being involved xoxox

Jo Murray said...

Congratulations Mieke... your tiles are beautiful. I look forward to seeing this exhibition in full.