Saturday, February 18, 2012


I can remember the first time T.V. came out!( Must tell someway how old I am!)
Here we are today with all the gadgets,  how did we do without them!

And yes, I had to get one to, great device, I still have lots to learn how to use it though but I'm getting there.
 I just couldn't work out how to take a photo without the glare and a reflexion of me.
 A photo taken with the Ipad, I could have cleared around it a bit, but this was just an experiment.
After have used Sketch Agent this is the result.
See, I can paint!


Jo Murray said...

Clever you... on so many levels! Love that teapot.

Anna said...

wooo what fun! it's very interesting how so many who work with the ancient craft of claywork embrace new technologies :^)

Barry said...

M-welcome to the Ipad photography world - great to see that you are already manipulating photos - such fun. B