Sunday, April 1, 2012


Every Sunday we sell fruit and vegetables at the markets,we get 2 girls (twins) coming with there dad to buy there weekly supply, and every Sunday they want some paper to do a drawing, witch is usually of their family, Mum, Dad, Cloe and Kaitlin, sometimes the dog or a bird is added.
I decided to keep the drawing and make them a plate each putting their drawing on them.
And finally I got them finished, took them to the market this morning and surprised the girls with there plate. They went home very happy today.

And while I was busy with the colorful pieces, I made some more funky teapots and bowls.

There was room for the girls as well.


Barry said...

M-what a wonderful thing to do - I just bet they were over the moon; and the funky teapots and "girls' always bring a smile to the face.Well done.\; and go well. B

Tone I.Lyngstad said...

Good idea for surprising the girls!
-really fun teapots and chikens/hens!

Thanks for your last comment on my blog,this has been a month with big computerproblems for me.

Jo Murray said...

Very thoughtful of you Mieke, they are gorgeous. Love all your funky things too. Where will we see them?

Kim Schoenberger said...

I love the whimsical feel to your ceramics Mieke, the bottom two chooks make me chuckle :-D I've being 'going to' do the same with drawings on ceramics of Glen's niece - she's now 15yrs old - teehee!

Irenes tavlor said...

hey, I must write and tell you that your gift has arrived, I just love the beautiful heart. I will take photos and put on my blog so I can view all the other bloggers. Your kids plate, a fun idea, hen and teapots, like, like, Thanks again, many hugs to you / Irene

Wenche said...