Friday, June 1, 2012


The poppies finished,  I put a spring just under the head so they have some movement wen touched or in the wind.
they stand about 1.5 mt. high.

Raku fired


Drømmeriet said...

Fun idea! - lovely and just perfect in raku :)
Like the dropping flowerpieces you spread around!
Maybe you could have one or two groups extra high...those poppies looks like a longstemnd and big flowers-kind-of-type...
Good luck with the exhabition!
Up here in the North, we had a rather ice-cold spring, with suddenly one week tropic-summer in the it,s cold again and snowing in some parts of the country..brrr!
I have been working as a flowerdesigner most part of may, in a local flowershop-but now I,m rather busy in my studio again-it,s good to be back and work with the clay!

Wyn Vogel said...

I love these Mieke - they are wonderful - I have just surfaced from installing and de installing computers so it is refreshing to see some creative work - cheers catch you soon!

Jo Murray said...

Love those poppies.... saw them at Immanuel.

Irenes tavlor said...

just love your poppies ... so cool, hugs from Irene