Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm building a wall!!

I am building a retaining wall, quite a job seeing it will be about 13 meters long on one side and 7 on the shorter side.
Using recycled materials there is a bit of sorting out to do, really a just do it as I go along, using posts from our old kiwi-fruit vines, corrugated iron (old and new) oh, I had to buy the wire mesh were I put rocks and stones in between, finding everywhere around the place.
 I have just put some plant behind it to see how it will look wen finished, still need sand fill.

got a little bit of time left to fill my kiln for the next firing!

 bowls with grey slip with sgraffito
 and some  plates
ready for the bisque firing.


Drømmeriet said...

That wall was a great idea for cleaning up in old stuff laying husband has a lots of old, rusty stuff and things from old cars and all kind of motor-rusty-things spread all I see in my head an interesting rusty wall, hehe...

Gudrun said...

So nice your wall becomes. Been thinking about getting network so I can do something similar with stones. We have a lot of rock here.
So delicious your pears are.
Wishing you a wonderful week.

Barry said...

M-excellent piece of art - would be great to see it in the 'flesh'. B