Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More raku pieces.

More pieces I made for the Garden Expo, It was so very nice to see one of my blog friends who was visiting the sunshine coast all the way from south Australia, turning up at the expo.

I really enjoy doing my raku firings at the moment, must be because I have better results lately.
These apples were very dull and not very exiting, after a second firing they came out better and brighter
so it is worth it to take the risk of breaking in a second firing witch often happens.
Hearts....., can't do enough of them at the moment.

And of course chookies! Always Chookies!!!

I did very well at the garden expo, many of these pieces did not come home, so very pleased with the result.


Penny said...

It was lovely to catch up, all my pieces came home safely and Mia has joined another one of your hens, I didnt realise she was one of yours until I looked at her eyes and then turned her over and there was your signature! I cant remember where I bought her, am wondering if it was on Bribie Island?
Any way I am very pleased, must find somewhere for the plaque.
If I thought I could get more home I would have bought more!

Barry said...

M- sounds like P caught up with you - she said she was keen to do so. The risk of the second firing looks like it really paid off - great colour. And so glad that many pieces have gone to new home. Go well and fire well. B

Drømmeriet said...

Love all of it! :)
Those chicken/hens are wonderful and fun - Nora is my favorite, hehe !

Jo Murray said...

Congratulations on your Garden Show success Mieke. Your work is just soooo gorgeous. Thise apples really came up well.

Wyn Vogel said...

Wonderful colors in your pots Mieke .... And love those chooks very much .. Cheers Wyn

Penny said...

I left a comment and it has gone! Any way it was great to catch up and all my lovely pieces arrived home safely, I even found that Mia has a sister, when I put her on the shelf with the other chooks there was a vaguely familiar face, turned her over and there was your signature, not sure where or when I bought her but it could have been Bribie Island a year or so ago. If I had thought I could get more home I would have bought more. Hope your sales were good. Thank you.