Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hands of the masters.

I am sitting here at the exhibition in the Maroochydore botanic gardens, a great space with wonderful work from Jackson Li, judge at the ignition ceramic art awards for excellence.
Janet the boos, head of workshop at the school of art at the Australian national university.
Greg Daily,an internationally known and respected ceramic artist specializing in rich glaze effects.
Kevin Grealy, has exhibited in Australia and China and has pieces in many private collections.

Greg Daly

Kevin Grealy

Jackson Li

Janet de Boos.

Jackson Li
Greg Daly.

Janet the Boos.

Kevin Grealy.



Wyn Vogel said...

Great selection of work Mieke - I love those wonderful 'eggs'? of Shannon's fantastic sharing you have given us!! Cheers!!

Anna said...

What a great collection! Does the Botanic Gardens gallery have a name?

Jo Murray said...

I MUST go see. Such a magnificent display. I once did a workshop with Greg Daly and love his stuff.