Sunday, October 7, 2012

Were do I start?

Finally got acces to my blog! And Facebook as wel, for the past week and half I have tried to get into it but blogs, Facebook and twitter are all blocked in China.
I am having a great time, what an experience it is. Jingdezhen is clay, potters, slip casters, mold makers, brush makers and everything else to do with ceramics.
We got a great studio right in the middle of it,what else does one want. Throwing porcelain is not as hard as I expected it, just getting used to the different varieties and wheels takes a bit of time.
We have done quite a bit of side trips to various places, transfer makers, tile makers not just your ordinary kitchen tiles but tiles the size of your kitchen table! It takes about 5 minutes with 2 people and its finishes. Glaze makers, tool makers I could go on a bit longer maybe next time.


Anna said...

must be amazing to be surrounded by so much to do with pottery and such a history! Hope you all have a great time.

Jo Murray said...

Looks and sounds amazing! You'll have many tales to tell on your return.