Friday, March 22, 2013


Time  flies wen you're busy.....

Been to the beach for a couple of days with the whole family,
 its great spending time together.

 Finally saw some sunshine coming our way after all the rain.
Just had a walk around with the camera.

And started on some new mugs,(can you see me in the mirror?)
I use a mirror in front of my wheel so I can see while I am turning if the shape is right.

  not fired yet hope they turn out the way I intend to.
These will turn into bird-feeders wen I'm done with them.
And then of course busy with the new gallery which is doing really well and gets lots of positive reaction.
BUT.....WE HAVE TO GET OUT BY THE FIRST OF APRIL, The place has been leased from then so we are looking for another POP-UP place.
hopefully we find somewhere soon.


Jo Murray said...

Nice work Mieke. Visited the Pump House Pop-Up Gallery. Pity it isn't a permanent art space. All the work looks great.

Barry said...

M-great to see you having a re;ax - hope you score another Pop-Up venue - the pump house looked brilliant. Loved your work scattered through the setting. B