Thursday, May 2, 2013


At the moment I am in Gulgong attending a ceramics conference that is going for a week.
10 master potters at work and demonstrating from all over the globe and what a feast it is!
All working in very different ways from making big pots and I mean big pots, bigger than me!
And that just in one day!
The town is buzzing with potters about 400
Lectures and exhibition openings every day, we start at 9 in the morning and stop at about 8 at night exhausted and full of new ideas witch will be explored we I get home( or maybe not all of them!!)


Drømmeriet said...

Ohhh, lucky you ! sigh

Jo Murray said...

Lucky you!!! Fabulous fun. I look forward to more photos.

Barry said...

M- as if I need to say - but - continue to have heaps of fun. B