Saturday, August 31, 2013

In full swing!

And here is a load to be fired, patiently waiting and drying which doesn't take long in this beautifully weather we are having at the moment, it's spring!

And that brings in some nice visitors on the bird feeder!


Barry said...

M- one of the things I admire about ceramicists is their patience - so many steps and such waiting - but then such productivity. Looking good. And so many birds to enjoy at the moment. B

Drømmeriet said...

Ahh,beutyful birds-lucky you! -and a good workperiod ;)

Anna said...

love your feathered visitors. Another blog also had images of the firetail finches, so nice to see they are still around. Love the yellow rosella too.. we get the crimson variety and if lucky the shy Eastern Rosella (that appears on the brand label of Rosella).
Good luck with your chickens.
Love the porcelain vessels.