Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Clay energy" GULGONG

Clay energy is the eighth in this series of clay events and promises to be as rewarding and stimulating as the previous seven have been. International artists from Finland, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, UK, USA, NZ as well as Australian artists will lead the workshop presentations. Participate in experimental raku and hands-on events.

Talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and special events will take place in the historic and friendly town of Gulgong, heart of the renowned Puggoon clay deposits - a town small and convenient enough to be intimate and at the same time becoming again the hub of the ceramic world. Janet Mansfield is the art director and will host a day at Morning View including exhibitions and participatory events.

So... I can't wait to go there, leaving Maleny on the 27th of April for this 5 day event.

These are my 2 entrees for The Australian Ceramic Association  2010 members’ exhibition.
which is called 340 grams.
Why 340 grams?

This is the weight of a normal issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. The challenge? Take 340 grams of wet clay and make a bowl or a sculpture.

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