Friday, April 23, 2010

More for "Clay Energy" Gulgong

"Up In Smoke"

All delegates/potters/teachers/students are invited to make and exhibit a ceramic art work that will fit inside a matchbox.
All work will be exhibited during Clay Energy Gulgong 2010 in a venue to be advised.
A final 45 works will be chosen by Michael Ciavarella and Rowley Drysdale, with the aim of an ongoing tour of the exhibition. Venues for the touring exhibition will also include Fusions Gallery, Brisbane, and The Gallery, Eumundi, Sunshine Coast.
There is no set theme.
All participants are to bring their work with them to be delivered on Wednesday, April 28.
Late entries will not be accepted!
There will be a People's Choice Award and an Exhibition opening.
Please note:
No box is to be altered or painted on the outside.
The art work MUST fit inside a standard Redheads Matchbox (content 45 Safety Matches).
I did mine but only just in time! I had to do them twice!! The first time I used different colours which I discoverd didn't look good enough, not to me anyway. So I did them again and the red, black and white do look so much better.


Barry said...

M - these small works are just so quirky - great colours. Hope the the trip to Clay Energy goes really well. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Mieke

I meant to say we saw these works and all the others from Gulgong at The Gallery in Eumundi - what a delight for the eye! So much creativity, whimsy and wonder I felt privileged to see it. Thank You!