Friday, May 14, 2010


"Painting with smoke"
a handbuild vessel made by David Roberts from the U.K.

And what a wonderfull week it was in gulgong. David Roberts one of the 18 master potters from around the globe, demontrating there way of ceramic making.

Our turn on saturday, my pot before firing, glazed and scrached.   Cooling down and some pots finished. 
It was a full program from 9.00 in the morning till about 8.00 at night. So plenty to take in and deciding wich demontrations to go to.
A warming up session of Louise Boscacci!


Barry said...

M Welcome back. Looks like you had a lot of inspirational fun; and what great photos of your piec es - I think the 'steaming' pieces out of the kiln look great. B

Noela Mills said...

Hi Mieke,
I love the new Gulgong pots. What a fabulous time you must have had!!