Thursday, October 21, 2010


At least that is how I feel about my last Raku pieces.

I have been trying to get these wonderfull colours for some time, Getting the copper matt effect you want in Raku is all about glaze manipulation and timing.

How bright the colours you get depends on:

The thickness of glaze and how you apply it.
Temperature and duration of firing.

Post Firing,
Temperature at which you start reduction.
Timing before and during oxidisation.
Rate at which the final cooling takes place.

It is sometimes disappointing if it doesn't work to begin with, it's something you have to keep trying.
And then there wil be these exiting results you are looking for.


layers said...

I am sure raku pottery is like painting and other artist endeavors... keep trying, practice is good, and there are exciting results when one comes out beautifully

Noela Mills said...

fabulous purples Mieke - love em xoxoxoxo

Barry said...

M- Pretty wild colours and shape of the bowl. Well done. B

Kim Schoenberger said...

yep, that's for sure Mieke! Gorgeous colours in the first bowl alot of thought has gone into the glaze application.

Suzi Smith said...

some lovely creations over here mieke... love the effects of the copper.