Saturday, January 28, 2012

And finally they are finished.

Here we are after two firings most of it is ready.
I just have to wait now for nice dry weather to do the raku firing and get these hearts and some other pieces finished.
 waiting for the sun!
 After the bisque firing.
 Can you believe this was all in the kiln + the pile of hearts!
 final result, tea bowls,
 and more...
 and more...,
 last set!
 ordered mugs, and I tried a dinner plate, bowl and small plate to see if it looked good as a dinner set.

 And the popular chicken mugs.
 Sometimes I try doggies,
 Or cats!


Tone I.Lyngstad said...

Hehe, a really stucked fire bisque, well done!
Lots of exiting pieces for the next round-look forward to the rakuresults :)
You are probably even worse than me (!)in using different techniques/colors-love all of it, specially the tea bowls...I don,t relly know whats happening with me, all my life I loved strong and clear colors only-but now those nature-browns and greens (always hated those) are sneaking in more and more!
Always exiting to visit your blog! :)

Anna said...

Love your chicken mugs and those colourful bowls. Hope you post the results of the heart raku firing ..

Jo Murray said...

Those tea bowls would rival any Japanese master Mieke... they are ezquisite!

Noela Mills said...

Fabulous work, Mieke - congrats on so many great results.

Fiona Dempster said...

Mieke I think that kiln is a tardis! What an amazing collection to emerge from it.

Barry said...

M-amazing what you fit into that kiln of yours. Looking forward to the colours of the hearts. Fire well. B

Gudrun said...

Wow, a lot of things and nice things. :)

I like your chicken.
Have a nice week