Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm ready to do a bisque firing, I made a bit to much to fit it all in the kiln so.......
These ladies have to wait till next time.

I started loading the kiln witch always takes quite some time for me to do because I fiddle to get lots in there
So far loaded I have got about 20 mugs, 7 "rocks" 18 tea bowls, 1 dinner plate 1 bowl and 1 small plate, then in between some of the hearts I showed you before.

 See the space on the top were I want to fit the pieces that are still on the table....

And as I sad, fiddle, fiddle fiddle... ta-daaaa... its in!
 Because of the bisque firing there are no glazes on the pieces yet and I can stack them, witch is sometimes tricky as well, the colours might jump over from one piece to another so there is a little risk I am taking here, fingers crossed for this one.
After about an 9 hour firing and cooled for 24 hours it all should be ready to be glazed.


Gudrun said...

So exiting. It looks great.

Hug to you

Jo Murray said...

What a fab lot of pots. Sorry your chookies missed out... I love them. Good luck with the firing.

Barry said...

M-you certainly are on a roll. I am amazed that you can fit so much in the kiln. The stacking of the kiln is an art work in itself. Hope it all survives the firing.Go well. B