Saturday, January 7, 2012

So much to do... So little time!!!

I have been trying to do some more clay things... but we are still picking strawberries and it takes up a lot of time to pack them.. so not much time left to for other things.

I had an hour here and there and started on some hearts witch I will  fire in my Raku kiln and with a bit of luck they will be ready for valentines day.


Tone I.Lyngstad said...

Hurry, hurry..! :) Can,t wait to see theese smashing harts in raku !!

Barry said...

Hi M- glad you got a little time amidst your busy picking and packing schedule. The hearts look really quirky - looking forward to seeing them fired. Go well with the harvest and creativity. B

Jo Murray said...

You'll run yourself ragged Mieke. Will have to come get some straberries. Love your hearts.

Gudrun said...

Lovely hearts. ;)
Raku is amazing, the colour.

Have a nice day.
Hug to you