Monday, October 20, 2014

Disaster...... Time consuming!

Naked RAKU.

Applying resist slip, glaze and scratching the design.

Design before carefully brushing of the excess.

Take 1!
In the RAKU kiln, even before firing was finished all the glaze came of wich is to early as it has to come of after the reduction so the carbon can burn into the clay that is exposed without glaze.
I put it before a clay forum and got the advise that the clay was not dry en rejected the glaze.

Take 2! 
Put new glazes on and Let it dry for a week, fired again... Same problem!

Take 3! 
Made up new glazes and did a trial run with just this pot, hey presto got it right this time!

Now back to the other pieces and finish them hopefully, fingers crossed!


Jo Murray said...

I really don't miss those disasters Mieke. Good luck with future firings.

Barry said...

Hi M - wow! I would have been devastated - but glad you persisted - the take 3 piece looks beautiful. B

Noela Mills said...

argh...the trials and tribulations of working with clay - well done you for persevering